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With regards to most of inspection services a comprehensive, quality, non-destructive inspection of the property is performed, which includes all the major (see “Inspection overview” page) components that are readily and visibly accessible to our inspectors. A computerized photo inspection report is then emailed to our clients in a timely fashion. No long waiting, an inspection report is imperative when is comes to any real-estate process and Castle and Gray Int. Inc. understands this importance having been in the real estate business for more than 30 years. The report includes a summary sheet describing areas of concern/defects and their condition. A verbal review of the report along with a consultation is provided on the day of the inspection. Should new questions or concerns arise after the inspection an inspector is always available by phone or email to answer any inquiries. 

Pre-Purchase Inspections

A pre-purchase inspection is typically performed in order to determine whether proceeding with the purchase of an existing home is prudent. Let your inspector identify the problem areas both small and large that may have been overlooked by the previous owner, and to identify which require immediate attention. Your inspector can provide you with invaluable help and information, giving you the tools needed to be a more knowledgeable consumer when it comes to purchasing your future home.

Pre-Sale/Listing Inspection

A Pre-Sale/Listing inspection is an inspection that is performed for the seller before a home is put on the market. All homes have strengths and weaknesses, it makes sense to find out what those are before the listing process begins. This form of inspection aids in informing sellers before the sale of a home so that necessary repairs can be completed or so that value can be properly calculated. The more you know about your home, the more prepared you will be for negotiation, most problems are not readily apparent, and could surface at a later date during a buyers inspection.

New Home Inspection

A new home inspection is just as important as one for an existing older property. Many buyers have independent reviews of their properties during various stages of construction development. An inspector can be called out to your home site during any stage of the construction process, including slab, frame, and final inspection, to ensure that any particular procedure of during the progression of construction is being performed to the standards for which you are investing. This relatively inexpensive inspection process protects your purchase, prevents unpleasant surprises, and ensures the quality of home that you've dreamed about and agreed to purchase.

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