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With Castle and Gray’s pre-construction services, we review as well as comment on the design for constructability and advise our clients on any issues or matters which may prove significant to their operations. By hiring Castle and Gray during the pre-construction stage we can identify potential problems in the early stages, as well as apply controls and maintain project quality and the safety and health of all involved. By using our services in the early stages of development Castle and Gray can better ensure the control of projects, quality, schedule, and budget for when it comes time to enter into the construction period.

Construction Management

At Castle and Gray, we pride our services on being the best possible intermediary between our clients and their workers. Acquired through years of experience, Castle and Gray’s extensive knowledge of all of the facets which occur in the construction processes makes our heightened attention to detail a more powerful tool when saving our clients time and money. Castle and Gray oversee every aspect of progression in a project, ensuring that the right information is given to the right people at the right time making certain that the project is built to the time, cost, and quality standards of our clients.

Construction Consulting

Castle and Gray act as the fourth party between our client, architect, and building contractor in order to assist our client in completing their construction projects on time and on budget. Our knowledge in the construction field ensures that our customers will get better prices, the most recent and cost-effective methods of construction, and enhanced knowledge of building permits and code requirements. After all Castle and Gray is the way to go “if you want it done right the first time.”

Cost Analysis/ Work Write-ups (for bid)

Castle and Gray’s services allow our clients to determine the true cost of building or remodeling any given structure. In our report, we provide our clients with a very accurate and clear view of what their construction venture will cost. Castle and grays Cost Analysis reports/ work write –up’s, empower our clients to make a more educated and conscious decision when delving into such a large business investment.

Value Engineering

Castle and Gray assist in applying value engineering principles in such a way that our clients find it effortless to make knowledgeable decisions, in regard to their new construction venture.

Construction Defect Investigation

With years of experience and knowledge in construction, Castle and Gray will be able to thoroughly evaluate and accurately determine the cause of whatever problems a client’s building may be having.

Green Energy

Having worked on several construction sites Castle and Gray are fully equipped with the most recent knowledge of technology developments in clean, efficient, and renewable energy star products as well as other energy-proficient products that are currently being used in the construction industry.