Construction Management

At Castle and Gray International, Inc. we pride ourselves on being the best possible intermediary between our clients and their workers. Acquired through years of experience, Castle and Gray’s extensive knowledge into all of the facets which occur in the construction processes, makes our heightened attention to detail a more powerful tool when saving our clients time and money.

Building & Property Inspection

Castle and Gray International, Inc. have built our inspection services on experience, honesty, integrity and professionalism. We’ve been performing high-quality inspections throughout California since 1979. After all,  "there’s no place like home"—especially a well inspected one.

Construction Consulting

At Castle and Gray we offer our clients the skills and industry knowledge that will aid in tackling on-site concerns, time-sensitive issues, and other unknown variables that can often arise throughout the various stages of construction. Castle and Gray International, Inc. is committed to offering our clients only the best in consulting services.